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These are misprints from last season. On the back where it should say SEMPER FI it is mispelled SAMPER FI. 

Navy football practice jersey with elastic bottom hem. These are numbered with random numbers; See info below.

*These run the same sizing as the 2023 season game jerseys. True to size.

Item is final sale, only swaps for another size will be accepted if available. Please select "Local Pickup" at checkout, shipping is not available for these items. They will be brought to the Hudson Home field only on practice nights. 

Numbers/Sizes available at time of creating this listing. Specific numbers are NOT guaranteed if someone else has already claimed it. Please note your preference at checkout in the "Notes to Seller" section.

#0-  YXS, YL

1- YXL, AM 

2-  YXL

3-  YL, YXL

4-  YL, AS

5-  YXS, AS

6-  YS, YM

7-  YS, YM

8-  YXL, YXL

9-  YM, AS

10-  AL

11-  YS, YS

12-  YXL, YXL

13-  YS, YL

14-  YL

15-  YL

16-  YXL

18-  YM

19-  YM

21-  YL, AS

22-  YXL, AS

23-  YS

24-  YS, AS

25-  YM

32-  YS

35-  YXL

55-  AL

56-  YL

66-  YM

88-  YL, YXL

98-  AS

99-  A2XL